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Patrick, Sept 2013
Patrick, Sept 2013


This blog is about my journey into fitness after age 50.

Where I started:

I’m Patrick and I’m 50+ years old. As of the photo above, I have borderline hypertension, “slightly high” cholesterol according to conventional standards, a lower spine that is beginning to stiffen, and I’m 40 lbs. or so overweight.  Other than that, I have no medical pathology, but I am physically deconditioned.  I haven’t done any physical training in years and if I ran a mile or jumped rope for 5 min I’m sure I’d puke.  In Jan of 2013 I was picking up this Harley and my Achilles tendon snapped.  (I left it idling on an uneven surface and it fell over – most importantly, there was no damage to the bike). I had surgery to repair my Achilles later that month, from which I’ve made a pretty good recovery.

Where I’m going:

In November I changed my nutritional intake and began doing Crossfit for conditioning.  I have tried to get fit at other times in the last 20 years, but I probably pushed too hard too soon, developed injuries, experience atrophy while I convalesced, and failed to start again.  This time I intend to take a slower approach and stick with it.  Hopefully this blog will provide the accountability to help me do that.  At present, I don’t intend to set any records or to enter and competitions.  Though Crossfit involves posting accomplishments and being ranked, right now I’m not in it to rank first. I just want to improve my state of fitness and avoid injuries.  (See Crossfit “What is Fitness?”)

 What I want to do for you:

Along this journey, I will write about the results of methods I employ, nutrition I experiment with, products I try, and challenges I have to overcome.  Your feedback through posting comments and sharing your experiences will be greatly appreciated. I hope to be able to educate, forewarn, and motivate anyone who is interested in doing what I’m doing – staying fit at fifty plus.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended to share experiences and present information for discussion and consideration.  It is in no way intended to give others advise.  Please consult you physician or other appropriate health professional for personal guidance on these subjects.


  1. By Michelle Trimbath on

    This is great, I feel like you’ve motivated me too! Good luck, I look forward to your continued progress!


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